Automatic Roll Up Boathouse Door

Clear Marine Automatic Boat House Curtains

For the finest boathouse door on the market, Clear Marine will provide our automatic roll up boathouse door. Constructed of the same high quality heavy duty vinyl fabric as our manual curtains, our automatic boathouse door can be opened and closed remotely with the push of a button wherever you are. This enables you to close your boathouse door while on your boat after departing the boathouse, ensuring the boathouse remains secure while you are away.

Our roll-up boathouse door uses aluminum tracks with CNC machined pucks on either side of the opening to ensure a continuous attachment of the fabric to the wall. Operating on standard 115VAC wiring, the opener motor can quickly open and close the door either through the remote key FOBs or a wall mounted control station. A high ratio manual override is included with the motor to enable the user to open and close the door in the event of a power failure.

Our roll-up boathouse door is also available in a manual version with a 4:1 ratio manual hoist.

Fabric colors are available in royal blue, black, red, green, beige and white.

Benefits of Boat House Curtains

UV protection
Prevent bird infiltration
Improve airflow
increase resale value

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