Boat Bath

Looking to reduce annual maintenance costs?

A Clear Marine Boat Bath is a cost-efficient and environmentally friendly alternative to applying anti-fouling paint to your vessel and considerably extends the life of zincs. The Boat Bath can be manufactured to fit virtually any size powerboat or sailboat.

Clear Marine takes the time to consult with you to determine the best fit for your boat.

Boat Baths can be installed in a marina slip or even in a boat house. You simply drive your vessel into and out of your custom fit Boat Bath within your slip, just as you would now. Once docked inside, slow release chlorine pucks are added to the contained seawater to remove algae and other unwanted marine life. The chlorine then evaporates into salt crystals leaving the marine environment minimally impacted.

Benefits of Boat Baths

  • Easy to use. Designed for the average boater
  • Requires no regular maintenance
  • No harsh anti-fouling paint leeching off
  • Protection from harmful galvanic corrosion
  • No boat drag from marine growth
  • Deep draft or shallow draft
  • Up to 70′ vessels can easily be fitted

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