Boat House Curtains

Clear Marine Boat House Curtains

Clear Marine offers a variety of custom boat house curtains and doors which are a great way to protect your boat and all the contents of your boat house. Our products also prevent bird infiltration, improve airflow, marketability and increase resale value. Clear Marine will custom design your curtain to fit the specifications of the boathouse and your requirements.

Clear Marine supplies the finest quality boathouse curtains and automatic doors on the market.

Automatic Roll-up: For ease of use, you can choose to outfit your boat house with our premium Automatic Roll-up Door. A simple push of the button on your keychain will open and close the door and allow you remotely secure your boathouse on or off the water. The curtain comes with two key fob remotes, a wall mounted controller and a commercial operator.

Manual Roll-up: With the same basic design principles as the Automatic Roll-up, the Manual Roll-up uses either a 1:1 or 4:1 manual chain operation to raise and lower the boathouse door.

Manual Centre Part Opening & Manual Side Pull Opening. For basic manually operated boat house curtains, there are two main types; Centre Opening, where the curtain parts in the middle and moves off to both sides, or Side Pull Opening, moving the entire curtain off to one side of the opening. Please call for the best solution for your requirements.

You have the choice of all vinyl, all mesh or a combination. All of our boat house doors and curtains are made with weather-resistant, fire retardant, heavy duty vinyl with commercial UV protection. Each door and curtain is re-enforced with heat welded seams.

Clear Marine boat house curtains are available in royal blue, black, red, green, beige and white.

Benefits of Boat House Curtains

  • Security
  • UV protection
  • Prevent bird infiltration
  • Improve airflow
  • increase resale value

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