Curtain Maintenance Program

Scheduled Boat House Curtain Maintenance Program

If your boathouse has a curtain, give us a call to schedule your seasonal maintenance and ensure your curtain is ready for whatever weather comes your way.

Smooth boathouse curtain operation is too often taken for granted until it fails! Imagine being stranded inside, or worse, outside your boathouse. Don’t let this happen. Clear Marine will inspect your curtain, on a scheduled program to ensure continued smooth operation.

For manual curtain operations we check for corrosion and wear and tear on the sliders, shackles, pulleys and control lines. We also visually inspect the fabric of the curtain for tears and signs of wear and lube all friction points.

For automatic curtains, we test the roll-up and feed and we check the corner brackets, chain drive tension and the belt driver. We also check the alignment of the curtain and visually inspect the fabric  for tears and signs of wear. We provide lube at all friction points.

Preventative maintenance can save you thousands. Ask about our Anti-splay cables for snow loads.

Benefits of the Boat House Curtain Maintenance Program

  • Worry free scheduled maintenance
  • No unexpected and costly curtain malfunction

Schedule your boat house curtain maintenance with Clear Marine today!

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